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Milcraft offers a number of different options for you to recover costs on unwanted inventory, or speed up the sale of slow-moving stock. We supply to a network of clients all over the world, and occupy a position that enables us to market and move your surplus items to interested parties.

Surplus Programme

Do you have obsolete and end of life stock that you would like to sell – and fast? Milcraft can help you sell slow-moving parts on to the aviation and military industry in a timely manner. We are always interested in purchasing both individual parts and complete packages. Components for the C-130 are of particular interest to us, but we also distribute spares and parts for other models in order to cater for the needs of our customers. Please don’t hesitate to contact us to discuss a quick sale.

Outright Purchase

The perfect option if you’re looking to recover inventory costs immediately. Milcraft is happy to offer cash payment on your surplus stock. All you need to do is send us a list of your unwanted items and we will make a fair assessment on their value and give you a cash price figure. You will receive cash payment on shipping of the agreed items, after which the whole process is complete.

Consignment Programme

Our excess inventory service offers you the opportunity to shed superfluous spares, parts, and components in a beneficial way. When warehouse space is at a premium, it can become problematic to store older parts. Perhaps you are looking to reduce stock levels and minimise investment.

It could be that you are no longer offering support for a project that has ended and now wish to move particular items on. Or maybe the introduction of new models has made some spares and components surplus to requirements. That’s where Milcraft comes in. We are a stocking distributor with warehousing facilities and can help solve your storage issues. Sell your stock through us and make a financial return on it, instead of wasting valuable space on items that you no longer wish to stock.

The consignment process is simple and works by the seller (you) shipping your unwanted inventory to the buyer (Milcraft). Upon receipt of your shipment, we catalogue all items, store them, price them competitively, and market them to buyers all over the world. Everything from packaging to shipment and payment from customers is taken care of from our end.

The proceeds from all sales are split between you and Milcraft in accordance with our consignment agreement. The whole process is designed to make life simpler for you and allows you to realise a return on unwanted items.